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Stool&Side Table, 
Chair, Bench


The Ink Collection was inspired by the Chinese painting style,  and  the flow of the ink on every brush strokes.

The Chinese painting style  has a long history which is a source of pride and pleasure for the Chinese people. The painting flows in one continuous movement with emotions and feelings transcending through each brush strokes that are developed over centuries making Chinese painting style a form of high level art.

The ink Collection consists of dinning chair, stool and bench. The dinning chair was inspired by the richer, denser and well defined structure of the painting, thus, giving poise to the chair. The tips of the legs are more streamline and pointed, mirroring the cursive scripts when the brushstrokes are more accelerated.

The second part of the collection is the stool and bench, these two pieces were inspired by the continuous movement of the brush that creates a wholesome and delicate lettering.

The ink collection is a collection that was inspired by the synchronization and harmonization, rhythm, movement and flow the of Chinese painting style that aims to give pleasure to the users both to visually and physically similarly to how the Chinese painting style offers pleasure and ease to its audience.

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