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stick Screen

Stick Screen is the collaborate project from 2 major Thai company, DEESAWAT (wood) and Masaya (brass) which is designed by Apiwat Chitapanya. This is the project where two difference materials are merged with the organic and geometric shape and form. The screen will be exhibit at Milan Design Week 2019.


The inspiration of organic shape was transformed into the brass base where the shape was inspired from the scenery view of the mountain from the north of Thailand. And the wooden part was inspired from the geometric format where the two major line was connected and created the beautiful image of the shadow effect. This shadow effect can also create the inspiration of the shadow from the branch of the big tree. 


Production process: for the teakwood…with all the ankle and shape , each single unit was cut and shape to the proper ankle for precision. And all the piece were jointed with dowel for stability. The wooden part material are in teakwood, therefore, they can be used for both interior and exterior function. 


As for the base, lost wax process was used as the mould for the profiling of the shape. The shape was designed to fit into the partition for perfectly fit into the screen…and the weight was calculate to stabilize the partition, but yet light enough for mobilization

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