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Since, I studied M.A. of applied art at Silpakorn University, Thailand. There is design subject that made me know the world of design. After that, I had visit BIG+BIH, design event in Thailand, It made me interested in art object and open my mind to design works. I made my accessory objects such as ceramics vase, wood lamp, and small decorating object. Afterward, I had a chance to design for other companies that allow me to try more materials such stainless welding, metal and brass casting. These made me fun and continuing to develop my design.


The main concept of my furniture design is furniture beyond functional, by blending art and design together in order to create a unique identity with value added to the work. Not only think carefully about its function, I always merge beauty and artistic aesthetics into my furniture.


In designing furniture, the selection of materials such as stainless steel, iron, brass, and wood, to be main material for my furniture is to depict stories inspired by nature, which I consider being a key component of creative thinking. I like using natural shapes for interpretation and redesign them to form surreal, unique and unusual shape furniture, thus, adding fantasy to users and audiences.


I choose metal as the main material for furniture design because of its robust features and suitability for both internal and external use that is quite the answer for versatile design. Combining with the production process done by skilled craftsmen who inherited the original process and made it piece-by-piece, makes the furniture to be more valuable like a piece of art rather than just functional furniture.



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