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This is a collaborative project between a Thai veteran furniture designer and a contemporary jewelry studio in Chiang Mai : NOVA Collection, which is keen on combining various types of materials to compose the new path of jewelry creation.


Due  to  the  different orientation,  both  in terms of scale and  function. The most important thing is  the initial sharing of knowledge and ideas, including  the  selection  of  appropriate  materials  fo r the  production process.


The  furniture  designers  have  adopted  the concept of Wall Sculpture, which   extensively   used  for   wall   decoration   to  be  interpreted  as sculpture, which  can be installed and moved on the human body as an adornment.


By  inspiring  from  the  movement  of  peacock’s  dance,  catching  the glamor   of   peacock’s  tail,   this   creative   piece   of   jewelry  can  be disassembled and rebuilt to suit the user’s own interpretation and wish.


From legends and beliefs in many cultures, The peacock is a symbol of elegance,  immortality  and  prosperity,  while  the  peacocks  sway tail-feathers tail, they create lines, patterns and colour which represent the complexity truth of the nature.

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