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Memory was developed from the idea of re-living and reminiscing past experiences and materializing them into a furniture form with a combination of 3 materials consisting of brass, acrylics, and glass.

Our current thinking is informed by our past review. To learn something new or achieve success, one must learn and reference past memories. The paths we walk today connect and are references to our past experiences.

The designer got his inspiration from the wood frameworks of his childhood home giving him flashbacks of his days there. Each wear and tear on the wood signifies all the memories he had attached to the house.

Old wooden slabs have their own flair and style unlike what we find now, the designer saw the distinct flair it has and felt the need to preserve all the defects that had developed throughout time which sparked his idea of creating a piece of furniture that personifies one’s memory and how one’s memory correlates to one’s future.   

The wood is the essential part of the house and thus became an integral part of the Memory table which is the base. The wood was used to cast into brass using the lost wax method that enables us to mimic and copy every indentation of the wood onto a new medium, that is more durable yet preserving all the initial details.

Every piece of wood that is cast is welded together into a new piece of an old design from the designer’s memory. The memory table consists of a simplistic design, with a gimmick on the brass patina where we made the bottom into a greenish color playing with the idea of the old and the new, green patina often times develop on brass over a period of time.  

The memory table, therefore, is a piece that signifies how our previous memories help sustain and withheld our current selves and what shapes us into who we are today, and the choices we will make in the future. The wooden brass act as our past memories that support our future and current self, the clear glass and acrylic top personifies our future that is still unwritten.

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