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Photo by Phillips Collection


The new approach to jewelry design process, Apiwat Chitapanya, a Thai furniture designer in collaboration with NOVA Collection, a contemporary jewelry studio from Chiang Mai, presents Pad collection feature 8 sterling silver brooches and 7 wall sculptures.


Pad (meaning fan in Thai) was a collaborative project initiated by the Creative Design Center in Chiang Mai Province. In this collection, the designer recreated the shapes and details of antique fans, using a composition concept like the art of skeleton watch face design. All art pieces are designed to reveal the beauty of the parts and movements within, by using geometric shapes as the main element as well as using metal materials with a shiny and matte surface to tell the story of the modern world and technology that can be harmoniously blended with the craftsmanship and culture of the past. The detail parts are arranged horizontally and stacked atop to create layers. From time to time, a fan is used in daily life, it serves as an ornament to express the emotions and gestures of the owner and also a symbol to indicate identities and the status of social class. Reminiscing Asian fans in different eras, the art pieces will submit the essence of art and culture of Asian people with a long history with the audiences.


Brooches were made from sterling silver fabricated in different layers and colored with handmade enamel and gold leaf. At the same time, with the wall sculpture, the designer experimented with laser-cut patterns on steel plates, blended with stainless steel and wood. Finishing color by hand-made electroplating method to get a shiny surface and gold leaf painting was a popular method used in handicrafts and art in the past.

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