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Golden key
Chair, Armchair 
Love Seat, Bench, Table and Lamp

Keys are small pieces of equipment used to secure items since the 6th century, they are a symbol of wealth and success, people with keys back in the day are associated with status and power. The word key is also a positive symbol; it can symbolize a pathway to something of high value for example,  ‘key’ can mean that we have the pathway to success or that we have found the passageway to what it is that we have dreamed to achieve, or it can also be a symbol of a new beginning and hope. All of which are positive connotations that are attached to the word ‘key’ beyond its literal meaning.


Each vintage key has its fascinating design, with its manufacturing techniques from each period giving each one of them an individuality thus, making them a much desired item for collectors. Furniture pieces in the Golden Key Collection have adapted the manufacturing techniques and designs of vintage brass keys into practical furniture pieces that can fit into everyday living and pass on positive connotations and vibrations to the user. Each piece is handcrafted by hand and individually similar to what would have been back in the day, with vintage keys making the piece even more valuable.


Golden Key Collection designed by Apiwat Chitapanya for Masaya consists of an Armchair, Chair, Stool, Bench, Side table, and a lamp. Every piece is done with the lost wax casting method Each piece within the collection is inspired by the original designs of vintage keys with its meaning, transforming,  adapting, mixing them with art deco styles, and creating them into well-designed pieces of furniture. The geometric lines used within the designs seem uncomplicated, but sophisticated at the same time, creating a new dimension and elevating the pieces, making them more luxurious. Different parts of the key are the inspiration for various parts of the furniture, when designing; we had to keep in mind the proportion since the dimensions have to be maximized to be used as furniture to ensure durability.  For example, the key bow has been enlarged to adapt it into the back rest of the chair as well as the use of the bow as the lamp shade. The stem/shank is also enlarged which is the inspiration behind the legs of the chairs and benches. Because each part of the key was used sporadically to inspire various parts of the furniture, each piece in the collection is peculiar in an artistic way.


The Golden Key collection is a collection that was inspired by the olden designs, adapting and twisting it into furniture that fit the modern crowd. The quirkiness of the design will be the key that elevates any given space and will be the passageway to uplifting a room.

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