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Side Table, Coffee table


The collaboration campaign focuses on the usage of broken ceramic pieces and how would we be able to create The collaboration between Masaya, a brass specialist, and Thaniya, a ceramic specialist under the DIPT something from what would be worthless pieces. During production, it is inevitable that there would be some breaks and cracks on the ceramics, instead of putting those pieces to waste we tried to find ways to reuse the pieces to create something new, thus adding value to what would be valueless.


The Renaissance table was designed to limit the number of new resources used. The ceramics used are pieces that are broken combined with brass, adding value to what would be deemed worthless pieces of ceramics. The technique of pouring brass adds texture and adds a new dimension and its characteristics. The merging of the pieces of ceramics along with the technique used with brass makes each Renaissance table produce a true one-of-a-kind piece.


Handicraft techniques and skills that have been passed on from generation to generation from both brands played an important role in the production procedure. The traditional skill set from Thaniya’s ceramic expertise which highlights the uniquely Thai patterns seen on the ceramics along with the skill set of Masaya’s brass experts in creating free-form pieces, with the combination of the newer more modern ideas and design, the end product is a well-balanced mixture of the old and the new.


This Renaissance table is of a rectangular/squared shape to cut out the use of molds which is the normal production method in brass casting. Without the usage of the mold, the production of this collaborative table is more time efficient and requires fewer resources. Instead of pouring molten brass into pre-made molds, we pour molten brass onto a metal plate where the ceramic pieces have already been placed on.  The brass will solidify and adhere to the ceramics, without the mold we let brass flow freely creating dimensions and texture, thus making each piece from this collaboration a one-of-a-kind piece that cannot be 100% replicated.

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