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my best friend
Stool, Coffee Table, 
Side Table, Hanger




Inspired by brass animal sculptures that are used for decorations, Apiwat Chitapanya, designer under the brand Masaya brings you the “My Best Friend” collection. The collection diverged from the traditional animal brass sculptures using the lost wax casting technique, tweaking them into furniture pieces that resonate with the users, especially during the long social distancing period.

“My Best Friend” collection consists of a set of chairs, tables, and a coat rack in which Apiwat incorporated brass animals, combining and integrating them with furniture to create uncommon furniture pieces. Apiwat focuses on animal behaviors, ensuring those actions are mimicked well into the furniture to create unique and quirky products.  

Dogs are considered “man’s best friend” therefore, dogs were used as our initial piece for the collection. The pair of greyhounds were used to highlight the bond between man and their four-legged friend. The seating is attached to the body of the dog; the body is used as a backrest imitating how dogs are always looking out for their keepers and that we can lean on them for comfort and ease loneliness during the lockdown mandate.

Cats are also among the most popular four-legged companions. They are often times seen as solitary creatures, making tables and chairs their favorite hiding spot for their perfect refuge. With that, Apiwat designed the cat side table with the cat itself being one with the table, hiding and avoiding all the commotion above the table, but always keeping a constant lookout for their human friend.

Other cats are playful and mischievous, jumping, climbing onto furniture, and slapping things off the counter. Apiwat used this distinctive attribute of the feline that all owners learn to adore to create a low table in which the cat is seen to be jumping on a table and knocking off a vase. The vase and the cat create the fourth table leg, displaying that when there’s a cat in the household, things tipping over is part of the norm and seen as part of the everyday bustle which all cat owners are accustomed to.

Red Eyed Tree Frogs are not typical pets but are popular among unusual pet owners. These frogs are commonly seen attached to stems with the sheer lightness of their weight, they are able to sway with the stems and leaves they cling on. Apiwat created a coat rack using the plant stems as each individual rack where we find these tiny amphibians perking atop of the stems and in this case, underneath our coats.

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