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Photo by Phillips Collection

time travel

Wood-lathe requires instinct, we had to go through trial and error and had to find ways to reuse error pieces.


Will questioning something at a certain point in time still have the same meaning and impact as it does at a different point in time? Do we still see the importance and relevancy of a wall clock that was used to tell the time in the past?

Time Travel is a juxtaposition art piece that reconstructs a vintage all-clock with the intention of conveying a different narrative.  Time   Travel

focuses on the beauty of the vintage clock rather than its function through the detailing on the wood by wood lathe technicians from the Baan Tong Kai villagers in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The wood works in conjunction with more modern, newer materials not only juxtapose one another but to show the relevancy of the past with the present and vice versa.

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