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Ranchuan Armchair was initiated under Style Bangkok Collaboration 2020 with the sponsorship of The Department of International Trade Promotion (DIPT). The inspiration came from a dinner where “Ranchuan” the elusive soup dish was served. This dish is not typically served and seen often as it is an older style dish where only royals and aristocrats during the reign of King Rama V’s would consume. The soup has its unique flavor with a distinct and intriguing aroma that captures those who has the opportunity to taste it, thus came the idea of designing a chair that does just that, captures attention with its enticing charm.


The  designer  uses and was influenced by the art nouveau  period with its  long  organic  lines.  The  design  leads  the  eye  through the single continuous  curved  line from the tip of the leg, curved up all the way to the  tip  of  the back, around  to the  other  side  which  ultimately  hugs the sitter and curves down to the tip of the adjacent leg. The use of the single curved line brings breeze to the chair, relaxes the eyes creating a graceful, elegant armchair. The pattern of the backrest that is similar to that  of  a  big  artwork  with  the  weaving  technique. The usage of two different tones of color on  the same  piece  of  fabric,  with  the  crised-crossed interlocking woven technique creates captivating dimensions.


Adhering  to  the one’s culture is also an integral part adding value to a product. Ranchuan  Armchair,  although  being  a  contemporary piece, uses  the  traditional  method  of  brass  casting  that has been used for hundreds  of  years.  This  method  of  casting  requires  skilled    crafts-manship,   as   well   as   professionals   in  smock  weaving  in  order  to produce  beehive  weaves  that  was  popular  back  in the 18th century, hence,   the  armchair  is  a  chair  of  precision,  detailed  oriented  that increased its value with the added elements of traditional methods.


With  the  design  of  the chair, especially the curved and large backrest that  cushions  the  sitter  along  with the woven fabric used as the back rest  and  the  seating  allows  for  a  pleasurable seating tool that eases and  relaxes  anyone.  The  waterproof  fabric  is  easy  to  maintain  and stretches  according  to  the  user.  The  usage of brass, being a durable material  can  be easily managed and cleaned. Ranchuan was designed to  stand  the  test  of  time.  The  simplicity  yet elegance of the design make  the  chair  adhere  to  different  groups  of  users.  Colors  can be changed to black as well to suit needs of users who seek a more muted piece.  Not  only  does  it adhere to various groups of user, but it is also flexible in terms of placement. Ranchuan can be placed in living room, foyer  or  spaces public spaces, the hugging and curved back gives the sense of privacy for those looking for some in public areas.


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